Q:  What are they made of?

A:  80 lb Smooth finish coverstock (cardstock) 216 g/m2.  Similar to greeting cards or business cards.

Q:  What is "pre-cut and pre-scored"?

A:  Just as implied.  A CNC machine process is used in prodcution to cut all parts and pre-score them for folding.  The only parts you are required to make your own score lines are some house roofs.  This is a simple task that just means folding the roof piece in half.  Some very small parts and accessories require a small snip to release them from a parts holder sheet.

Q:  Do you ship worldwide?

A:  China and Australia / New Zealand are currently excluded due to logistical complications with COVID 19 related issues.  Residents of AU / NZ may contact me directly for orders however I cannot assume any risk for undelivered orders currently.

Q:  Refunds?

A:  I always have a 100% money back guarantee .  I stand behind all of my work and my promise to you is that if you are not satisfied, you are entitled to a full refund no questions asked.

Q:  how durable are they?

A:  Cardstock paper may seem flimsy at first, but once assemble they are sturdy as heck!  Some larger kits feature internal bracing to ensure no sagging.

Q: Can I spray them with color guard?

A:  Yes and it is recommended to ONLY USE Krylon Clear Matte - NON-Yellowing formula.  One can is enough to cover hundred of models.  I am not responsible for poor results with any other brands of clear coat.

Q:  How difficult are they to assemble?

A:  In 6 years, no one has requested any help with instruction. They are super easy!

Q:  How long does it take to build one?

A:  Assembly is as fast as 15 minutes for small sheds to 1.5 to 2 hours for complex models.  However this speeds up as you become more familiar with CustomZscales models.