T Gauge Cars

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Simple to assemble cardstock automobiles.  7 varieties of colors, available individually or purchase in a value pack at a bulk price.  Needless to say, these are quite small.  Requires fine point tweezers to fold the Pre-Scored kit, a toothpick to spread glue.  Expect about 30 minutes assembly for each auto allowing time for each section to dry. 

  • Cut from 80 lb Smooth Finish Cardstock.
  • Assembly varies on skill, approximately 30 minutes per auto.

Kits DO NOT include any scenery, base or additional buildings shown in display photos.

Assembly Tips & Suggested Tools:

Fine point tweezers

Elmer's Glue-All or similar PVA Glue

Toothpick or similar glue applicator.

It's recommended to glue only one section at a time and wait until dry before moving to the next.  This will ensure the previous section does not shift.

Once the three foot rule is apply, these low cost solutions to filling your layout with vehicles display exceptionally well and are difficult to discern they are paper.  Unlike plastic or 3D printed autos, you can take pride in knowing each of these were assembled by hand on your layout!